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Alkaline Trio

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You kissed the taste back in my tongue. You sucked the smoke out of my lungs.

”When I was a kid, you know the thing that the drummer sits on,it’s a stool,it’s a small chair. But they don’t call it the stool or chair,they call it the throne. I could never figure that out until I met Matt Cameron and I was like ‘Oh I get it’. ” Eddie Vedder

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iigloo hair april 2012 - july 2013

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matt cameron’s 'they just called us assholes' face is a mix between confusion and sternness (and some body stretches)

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And thank you, Eddie Vedder, wherever you are, because you helped save mine.

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Yeah it’s pretty fucked up how people don’t realize that ideas like oh he doesn’t speak English well = he’s stupid are inherently racist and were pioneered by racists to ensure separation in academic and professional field. The way you speak English will never be an indicator of your intelligence ever

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